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No two teams can select the same player meaning that, unlike other games, there’s no chance that your teams will be similar to others.

  • Unique players
    Per Team
  • Customize Your
    League Rules
  • Online / Offline /
    Auto Draft
  • Player Research /
    Projection Tools
  • Head-2-Head Leagues -
    Real Life Fantasy
  • Unique Trade / Claim Player System
1Create / Join League
  • Create private league or
  • Join public/private league
  • Fantasy type (H2H or TPB)
2 Draft players
  • Get unique players one by one
  • Pre-draft players selection
3 Manage Team
  • Manage plying 11
  • Select captain / vice captain
  • Trade players
4 Scores & Standing
  • Understand scoring system
  • Check league standing
  • Check scoring history
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11 Reasons why users love to play draft based fantasy more than traditional salary cap model
Unique Teams You’ll have unique players in your team. No two teams can select the same player meaning that, unlike other games, there’s no chance that your teams will be similar to others
What Users Say
CricBattle it is....the final destination for fantasy cricket. I played fantasy cricket in many sites...but CricBattle has something unique to offer. Playing fantasy over here, gives a feel of managing a team, which has been hand picked by me (say if I have sachin, no one else in my league can have him). Initially it was tough to figure out, how this works..but once you get hold of it, you can never let it go. And I have never seen a fantasy site other than CricBattle, where there is always someone to help you figure out, how it works. I have played just 3 tournaments, but it already gives me feel, as if I am integral part of it. If you are a fantasy cricket fanatic, then CricBattle is the place for you!! By:- Vignesh Venkatraman, Winner of 31 leagues
Born in a country like India, everyone dreams of playing for this country. Then comes a stage when people choose between sports and education and alot of people, whether its pressure from family or an aim of becoming engineer/doctor etc etc, choose education and leave our cricket dreams behind but inside everyone theres always a Cricket Selector. No matter who ever is playing we all give our opinions on playing xi and management, we all realise that no one listens to our opinions but we all love doing that coz we all love our Cricket. CRICBATTLE (big letters coz it has come up as something big in our lives) has given us all that one opportunity to unleash our love and talent towards our favourite game where we all can show the world who has better cricketing knowledge and Team selection skills. Most unique and valuable thing about Cricbattle is that If I have a player my opponent cannot have that same guy and thats so much true to reality, unlike all other fantasy cricket sites. I have playing this amazing game from last 3-4 months and I have never been disappointed. Nothing is perfect in this world and the amazing thing about this site is that the administrator is always willing and keen to listen to our feedback and always does whatever they can to make the users happy. Prize money always comes as second priority to me. 1st thing is the addiction to this site coz of the game not for the money. I win money or not I will always keep playing here and I can see CB becoming really big in near future. Way To Go Rakesh !!!! By:- Robbie Singh, Winner of 44 leagues
Cricbattle really enjoyable fantasy contest . As a cricket Fan I love this cricket contest so from my busy life I spend some time for it . Last few years cricket attract me more, it make a crazy supporter of my team in stadium and home :) Cricbattle become part of my craziness . I wish cricbattle Team success . By:- Shahina Arefin, Winner of 12 leagues
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CB Times
New Feature : User Profile Hello CricBattlers, 'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer ;) ' Keep a tab on your friends, and also your rivals stats to ensure you are always a notch in front of them. On the back of a high number of user requests, #CricBattle has come up with 'User Profiles' Just go to your league home, and click on the name of the user to check his/her profile and stats. All users are requested to update their profiles from the Profile tab under 'My Fantasy' --> Cheers.
New Feature: Player Profiles & Player Research Hello CricBattlers, Today we have launched 1 new and unique feature that will help users navigate through players profiles and help users in ‘creating a winning team’. Player Research – As the name suggests, this page will specifically be used to update users about player stats, his latest innings (via a graph), his performance in this tournament, and also the latest news and updates on a player. For example – if AB Devillers is injured it is going to cause a major outcry within the CricBattle community as mostly 1 users from each league has him, but well after reading the latest news about his injury, you can bench him or trade him out since he is surely not going to play due to injury. No Need to navigate to cricinfo or cricbuzz, etc to get the latest stats and news on players anymore, it’s all provided on the page ‘Player Research’, only at CricBattle :) Also, if you click on any player within your team or from the trade player pool you will see his stats, graph and news section pop-up. That has been created so users do no need to open up the Player Research page everytime they want to check minute details, they can simply click on the player name and a pop-up window shall open up. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this, and we would be happy to help you work it through. Hope you enjoy navigating through the pages, and they are sure to be helpful tools and will allow you more success at CricBattle Thanks
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CB Forum
PAK vs NZ Who will be win the series of PAK vs NZ
Cricket Maniacs Set to Launch on 29 Nov, 2014. On Cricbattlecom in TrashTalk Hi Cricbattlers, Welcome to Cricket Maniacs, a quiz competition, an interesting & fun program to test your knowledge about Cricket moreover you can win C$ here which can be used for playing paid leagues on CB. Howzatt???? Feeling excited??? Lets take a look on the Event & Rules for Cricket Maniacs: To be Played on Every Saturday at 9 PM IST{In case of any unavailability or any bug or error or any imp match going on it will be played on coming monday 10 PM IST}. To be played in Trash Talk at Giving chance to more no. of users to win by only 1 prize for 1 user in a month. (if a user is 2nd in 1st week & 1st in 2nd week then 1st prize will be given, so improove your score by playing each week). If a user is 1st in more than 1 week than its best performance week will be counted and if again a conflict occurs in best score than earlier week will be counted for the user. 1st Prize 250C$ 2nd Prize 100C$ If more than 1 user is having same score for 1st or 2nd spot than tie-breakers will be there. Quiz Patters: Total of 15 questions in 5 Rounds will be there i.e. six type of quiz. Round 1 - Guess the Cricketer - 5 Questions. The questions will be like (_ _ e _ _ - _ e e) a vowels view of cricketer name and a question for guessing the correct name. Or an image of a cricketer through which you have to identify his name. (Hints will be given if anyone is not getting the name). Round 2 - GK - 4 Questions. The question will test your general knowledge about everything realated to cricket. Like Jersey No. of Players, Stadium Name, Nick Names etc. Round 3 - Stats - 3 Questions. These will ask for some stats about cricket related fields. Like Partnerships or highest score or individual score etc. etc. in a famous match or series or career. Round 4 - Current Affairs - 2 Questions. The questions will test your current knowledge. Whats happening in cricket at current time. Like Rules, Injury, Teams, Win, Loss, Series, Player etc. Round 5 - World Record - 1 Question. This will be a world record made by any player, official, or any thing related to cricket. Like Highest test team total, Most no. of caps in T20 etc. (Hints will be given if anyone is not getting the right answer). So this is Cricket Maniacs. So be ready. This time it is more than and more exciting. Best of Luck to all. Meet you in Trash Talk at 8:55 PM and will Start the quiz on 9:00 PM - 9:05 PM. Cricbattle decision will be the final decision for any type of disscussion or arguement.
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