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(Team Under Salary Restriction)

About Us
CricBattle Inc operates the portal in USA, India and Europe, which offers cricket, football, basketball, hockey and kabaddi fantasy games through the web-portal, and partner website(s) and mobile application(s)

We are considered as #1 series long fantasy platform for cricket and football around the world. Apart from season long fantasy, we also offer daily, weekly public and private leagues.

Product / Formats offered on the platform:
- Traditional Salary Cap fantasy leagues (similar to IPL / EPL)
- Draft fantasy leagues (unique player per team, drafted online/offline in snake order, similar to NFL)
- Auction fantasy league (unique player per team, auctioned online/offline, similar to NFL)
- Prediction fantasy league (Predict winner, victory margin and answer 5-10 questions for a given match)
- Customized fantasy league for corporations, clubs and organizations.
- Live streaming fantasy leagues (suitable for pubs/bars/theaters where live streaming of matches are happening)

We are the only platform in the world which allows you to customize 100+ rules (such as scoring, trades, team combination, player roles, player salary, draft/auction features, locking time etc) for your fantasy leagues. Users can play with default rules for free. League manager can add funds into their account to use it to upgrade the league to enable customization of league rules.

Fantasy Sport is an online game where you create a virtual team of real players and score points depending on how your chosen players perform in real life matches. To win a league, you must work towards attaining the maximum points and the No. 1 rank on the leader-board. You can play free leagues weekly and tournament long fantasy leagues and win pride for your team. You can choose to join any of the ongoing fantasy leagues or even join your friend’s private fantasy leagues and challenge your friends to play with you.

Key Features:
1. Play public / private leagues
2. Play season long, weekly or daily leagues
3. Fantasy Formats: Salary Cap, Draft, Auction, Prediction & Live Streaming leagues
4. Create leagues & customize 100+ rules
5. Corporate fantasy leagues on (reach out to us for more details)
6. Players' news, research, score projection and form updates
7. Expert's Advise, Blogs, Forums to help you choose your team.

Watch your fantasy team score points every minute! Keep track of your team’s performance as per the LIVE MATCH and cheer them as they score points for your fantasy team! Keep track of your team scores that are updated real-time (every 10 seconds) every match.

Our fantasy game is a great way to showcase your sports knowledge and prove your prowess! So we provide our users with research tools also in which you can see the future projected scores of each players which can help in the decision making process. Playing on our platform requires thought, proficiency, involvement and some amount of research about the players, match schedules and tours.

Playing on out platform is 100% legal and safe.

Unless specifically stated, we are not associated with any governing body of cricket, football, participating team, domestic cricket/football league/tournament or participating team, or player and does not claim any official status or endorsement from any such entity or person. We do not facilitate, aid, support or encourage betting or gambling.