Free price not added to account by Adithya Aadhi,737323 days ago  
I'm the winner of both indian T20 free league and indian T20 free prediction, But the prize money (total Rs 300) not added to my account, my profile is complete and played more price matches, so I'm eligible for availing free prices., when i got my price money added to my cricbattle account, is there any problem?
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Hi, Everyone, I think It is not telling better according to cricbattle for all of ours. also happening with me here like other accounts so I hope that I have to choose another platform like dream11, mycricket11, etc.Prashantl
I won both Indian t20 league and prediction price (Rs 100 and Rss 200), Prediction price added to my account but league price not added to my account ?Adithya Aadhi
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