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Happy CricBattling !!

Today I will give some clarifications on some common queries made by the users :

1. Changing teams during double headers:
By default you can change your team, captain & vice captain for each match in TPB leagues even if there are more than one match in a day. Private league users with customization can change this if they want only 1 team, captain & vice captain per day.

2. How does a trade count work?:
Whenever you press the submit button in you manage team page, if there are any changes in your team then it will be counted as a trade. So please research before you pick or remove a player in your team. Clicking the submit button is considered as a submission for your team changes.

We will soon be introducing the feature of Match to Match trade count. In which the changes in your team after the deadline of the next match is reached will be compared to your previous match and those changes only will be counted as trades.

3. Total no of trades : 
Total number of trades which are allotted to each team are the changes they can make to their team throughout the tournament till the last match. If you need to reset or restrict trades before the start of playoffs, it can be done for your private leagues

4. Make opponent team invisible:
If this setting is enabled in your league then opponent’s current team will be visible only after the upcoming match has started. Before the next match starts users can see opponent’s old team.

5. How to see opponent manager’s team?
 You can use the manage team page, matchup page and score history page to see opponent’s team.

Mobile site & app: You can use the score history page and the matchup page to see opponent’s team.

Please Note: If the settings to make opponent’s team invisible is enabled, then when you visit the score history page, manage team page or the matchup page, then by default you won’t be able to view their upcoming match/round team. Please select the previous round or match to see their team.

6. Can I enable customization even after tournament has started? 
Yes. You can enable. But since the league is already filled and scoring has started, you need to contact us to enable customization. If you are not league manager then you can ask you league manager to contact us for customization.

7. What is the meaning of the rule “Unlock players who have not played the match”?
If you enable this setting then the players those who have not played in a given match will get unlocked after the match status is completed and you will be able to trade out those players. This is generally applicable inHead to Head leagues only where you can remove a player who didn’t feature in the first game and replace him with a player from the upcoming matches. So for majority of the users, please ignore this rule.

8. What is the meaning of the rule “Can not trade -Top X Premium Players”?
Players are assigned pre-tournament ranks by Cricbattle. When you select a value for this settings, for example 20, then the players who are ranked within 20 cannot be dropped from your fantasy team. This feature restricts teams to drop valuable players to favour other teams within the league.
This is only applicable for Draft Fantasy Leagues. So for majority of the users, please ignore this rule.


If you need help to understand the details, reach us on 

CricBattle Commissioner
Founder & CEO, CricBattle Inc.

*Posting on behalf of Cricbattle CEO

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